Flint & Tinder Studios presents:


Play fun, locally-made games at your favorite place to hang out.


Make local multiplayer games for a growing network of TinderBoxes.


Keep customers coming back to play a new bundle of games every month.

What is the TinderBox?

The TinderBox is a Portland-made Indie Game Machine featuring an assortment of locally-made games, many of which do not exist anywhere else! With an inviting cabinet design and a developer-friendly backend, the TinderBox brings communities of game developers, players, and venues together to create and play content from both local and global communities.

What bar has the best Super Splataclysm team in town? Can Chicago beat Portland in the finals of a round-robin Mimic tournament? What are the local indies working on down in Austin? How can I get my game's release announcement out beyond the web? The TinderBox is here to answer these questions, so ponder no longer!

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Current status

Our current prototype is being carted around from festival to festival right now, so stop in and check it out if you are around! We are gearing for a version 1.0 to be made commercially available in Q1 of 2016. We want to have TinderBoxes in bars, arcades, cafés, events, and even homes throughout the world.

Currently, we are looking for developers with multiplayer games, interested host venues, and players who want to suggest a location or event. If you don't fall into any of those categories, we want to hear from you anyway!

About Flint & Tinder Studios

Founded in 2014 in Portland, OR, Flint & Tinder Studios is a collaboration of game makers who want to help invigorate artists and audiences alike. Our mission is to produce meaningful interactive experiences by combining our expertise in art, code, and game design with our passion for exploring new technologies.